2019 : Dots

Dots first came into my work when I moved from oil to acrylic back in the mid 1970s, with their first noticeable appearance in Summer Field. However they have become more prevalent and used as a structural element to my work more recently where they help with the unconscious flow or movement of the eye, almost suggesting a pathway for them to move over the painting  (eg Celestial I).

Dots recur in different forms in different works including as bullet holes, paint splashes and collage/illusional particles. They often seek to represent sources of light such as the specular reflection of the sun caught in rain drops on leaves or the light streaming through a window. Others may deceive or morph into birds.

The dots in some works such as Mirrored Interior with Dust Particles II and Sudden Flight might be more about the specs or dots that appear in the atmosphere, or those between the stars or indeed between and within molecules themselves (Microparticles moving Westwards and Scattering Microparticles).

In Bouquet II and Interior with Mirror’s Changing Reflections I have used explosions of colour to represent a fragmented vision of a still life which has yet to assemble itself.


Interior With Mirror’s Changing Reflections , 1986-2019 (detail)

Interior With Mirror’s Changing Reflections, 1986-2019 (detail)